Why I Need a Cure…

I have stopped writing for various reasons but the main one is fatigue and memory issues. My seizures became more frequent this year and as much as I tried becoming a better mother to my children the more I have let them down. As my readers know I received my masters not too far back but by now I should’ve had a good career! Well, a few weeks ago in November I had started an amazing job with great pay and great people! I only lasted 3 weeks due to illnesses circumstances and my seizures and depression. I thought by quitting I was doing everyone a favor but when I recovered soon after I tried explaining to my employer and they still let me go! I did not ever want to quit now I can’t even afford a Christmas tree for my kids and my husband has been working so hard but our car keeps breaking down isn’t that a shame! Sorry for the depressing post but this is why we need a CURE for all incurable illnesses such as Lupus. We deserve a life a good life and so do my kids. I want to apologize to them for not giving them the life they deserve. I am sorry.

My Diagnosis Story (a glimpse…)

#LupusAwareness💜🦋 In my last semester @msmu_la during my undergrad time at Chalon (early 2010) I was under a lot of stress and began having some gastrointestinal issues and many migraines, I remember one of my professors telling me Cindy relax and remember that stress kills! I laughed it off (I was always a perfectionist in my work)…later that year I received terrible news that a family member in Las Vegas was about to pass we rushed there and during that weekend at the hospital for him I had a mini stroke (numbness on left side of body, couldn’t feel my face, tingling in my face and dropping for sometime) by the Fall my episodes increased had a neurologist and by February 2011 I was diagnosed with Lupus and Migraines. Not to say that I didn’t have these issues before because I remember having a terrible time certain mornings and not being able to get up to go to work on time! This is a glimpse of how I was diagnosed and ever since it’s been a rollercoaster but thank you to amazing foundations such as @simi_autoimmune_warrior @wewinfoundation for helping people with not just #lupus but with other #autoimmunediseases thank you to @blackradiancebeauty and @kimberlirose for donating to the fundraiser for this weekend beautiful make up such as the one I am wearing💜💄💋 It sometimes takes a village to bring awareness and this weekend was a fantastic and cheerful one and I was proud to be there and help my friend Marlo with such a great cause🙏💜✋ #lupusstrong #lupuswarrior #weneedacure

Update to my Rheumy Visit…

My rheumatologist appointment went really well and I was pleasantly surprised to know that he cares to know about my past rheumatologists and my medical history. I say this because obviously the one i had prior never did! I did receive my blood work back, but I do not see him until the first week of June. There are some results that of course I googled, lol (don’t we all do this?) that seem to be a bit concerning…I have been in a bad flare along with a trigeminal neuralgia flare which i will explain in my next post. So, if any of you have nay experience with these abnormal or high blood levels/results I would love your feedback:

WBC Abnormal 6-10

TSH High 7.170

Complement C3, Serum High 170

Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy 20.0 Low

Anti-DNA (DS) Ab Qn High 14

C-Reactive Protein, Quant high 5.1

Help me out with your feedback!!!!

Greatly appreciated:)

Lupus Awareness Month

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks normal, healthy tissue. This results in symptoms such as inflammation, swelling, and damage to joints, skin, kidneys, blood, the heart, and lungs. 

Let’s spread awareness to bring the needed research for a cure! How will you spread awareness this month? 

Prayers for a Cure! 

Let’s stand together, spread awareness, hope and pray for a cure! If it’s not during our lifetime let it be for the next generation but I hope that those young ones suffering get to experience days without pain one day!