Lupus Won’t Let Me Be

It has been a while that i have spent time writing for all my Lupus Community and others who  enjoy visiting my blog! My apologies but Life happened. Many great things happened, but at the same time I’m here at home, out again from work due to my Lupus:( I might be fired as of today because this day marks my tenth absence and it’s definitely unfair to everyone I work with. I think i spend more time feeling guilty and kinda depressed that I can’t seem to stay working long enough before I begin to feel so sick. Being diagnosed with Lupus, fibromyalgia, raynaud’s, trigemminal neuralgia, migraines, seizures, and lets not forget that I’m also a Fragile X carrier with the permutation and this makes one be depressed at one point or another. I believe we are allowed to feel that way, but make sure we don’t get stuck there too long because it only makes the situation worse!

We have to have Hope and Believe in the positive…no matter what the situation may be. I know so many others are in a worst situation than I am and i can’t speak for them, but I can say Stay Strong and don’t give up the Fight! We have been given another day to Live, so lets live it to the best of our abilities even if it’s from our bed!

Im happy to be back and to continue writing for all of you.


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