International Women’s Day! 

The pain you’ve caused can never be forgiven

the damage you’ve done 

mostly to us 


From losing our hair 

to almost losing our minds to

The loss of our organs that we thought would be with us 

for much more time.

From the loss of our vision, to the scars on our face. 

To the joints on our bodies 

now needing to be replaced.

Lupus you have taken so much from us women, Blacks, Latinas, Asians, and Whites, but one thing you won’t take, is our courage to FIGHT. You’ve torn and worn out our bodies, tried to destroy our lives, left us in so much pain, gave us numerous sleepless nights. You took away our jobs even our fun days in the sun, but guess what Lupus? 

WE ARE NOT DONE! We are still here, some of the STRONGEST WOMEN I know, we will come together, build each other, and continue to GROW. Depsite what has happened, depsite what is yet to come, I’ll say it again Lupus WE ARE NOT DONE! You have taken a few of us way before our time but you have left the rest of us stronger than ever who say their legacies will not be left behind! Come together Lupus Warrior Women, I fight, you Fight, WE will fight TOGETHER. Today on International Womens Day let’s not forget some of the STRONGEST WOMEN we know💜Lupus Warriors 

Sincerely, Kim Howse 

#internationalwomensday #lupus #tagyourlupuswarriors #tagyourself #showthemlove #letusnotforget #ihavelupuslupusdoesnthaveme @howsefoundation

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