My New Battle Scar! 

Went in to the hospital Friday night and came out Saturday morning with this bad baby😳🙄 I went to Urgent Care due to seizures bc of my #lupusflare 😷🤦🏻‍♀️ i have been sleeping a lot, trying to get my energy back but I keep thinking 💭 hopefully it’s cold so I can hide this horrible bruise lol😑 #badflare #lupusflare #heat #sunsensitivity #hatelupus #weneedacure

2 thoughts on “My New Battle Scar! 

    • Thank you! Sometimes I wish I could just sleep it off but it’s hard when Monday rolls around and it’s time to go to work, go to school, have to take the kids somewhere and you know life goes on! I just pray to have enough strength the next day…thank you!!!

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