About Me

Hello Everyone! My name is Cindy. I am 33 years old, and was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) in the Spring of 2011. SLE is also known or commonly known as Lupus. I graduated from Mount St. Mary’s College with a Bachelor’s in Psychology that same spring. I just finished my 2nd year of graduate school, but I take it day by day — literally. I am a mother of two beautiful children- my first born is Matthieu (the sunshine in my life) who is now 15 years old. Matthieu was born with Fragile X Syndrome and has a severe speech delay and his communication diagnosis is called Apraxia and communicates w/ limited words, gestures, & his communication device. My second born Natalie (the beauty of my life) is 12 years old. Natalie has been in the gifted program since the third grade and is taller than both Matt & I. She performed on the XFactor on Thanksgiving of 2012. She is just amazing and truly my biggest supporter.


The rest of my immediate family whom I love and adore includes my mother, father, my two little brothers Jesse and David and our baby sister Helen. I have to give thanks to them and the Lord for everything that they have given me and helped me with. I have struggled for many years and needed them many times and they never disappoint. I know that no family is perfect, but I LOVE my family and in my eyes they are exactly that — perfect! My parents have taught us right and I believe that they have made me the strong woman and mother that I am today. It is difficult to be sick and know that I need them instead of me being there for them, but I am always going to fight for them no matter what. Love U All =)

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